Energy Stone Necklace


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Healing Energy Stone Necklaces

  • Carnelian  (Courage)
    • Protects one from jealousy, anger and fear. Used against colds and rheumatism. Carneline enhances our fortitude.
  • New Jade  (Good Luck) 
    • Attracts affection and wealth,Sooths by decreasing physical and emotional discomfort.  New Jade is the stone of good fortune.
  • Sodalite  (Calmness) 
    • Also Helps with communication. Assist with Objectivity. Used against burns and infection. Sodalite helps you center yourself.
  • Quartz  (Health)
    • Facilitates meditation and thought. Purifies and attunes one energy. Amplifies all energies. Quartz is the supreme healer.
  • Agate  (Friendship)
    • Agate puts in balance our intellectual, emotional and physical selves. Used for stomach, liver and spleen. Agate direct our focus to our relationships.
  • Aventurine (Motivation)
    • Also protects the heart and enhances creativity. Promotes emotional healing. Aventurine moves us along in life.
  • Orange Calcite (Wishes)
    • Brings Joy and happiness through insight into our experiences. Aids stressed joints and bones. Orange Calcite prepares us to release our dreams.
  • GoldStone (Wealth)
    • Revitalizing and promotes optimism. Strengthens the circulatory and skeletal system. Goldstone is the stone of opportunity.
  • Amathyst  (Peace)
    • Helps in the avoidance of, or the recovery from addictions.  Used for insomnia and headaches.  Amethyst transmutes negative energy into good.
  • Rose Quartz (Love)
    • Nurtures and opens the heart.  Enhances our power to forgive and eases loss.   Rose Quartz helps us accept ourselves and others.
  • Hematite  (Energy)
    • Aids original thinking and understanding complex ideas.  Enhances memory.  Hematite helps one take action.
  • Snowflake Obsidian (Safe Travel)
    • Provides balance in times of change.  Of benefit to the vascular, skeletal, and digestive system.  Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of movement.

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