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Turtle Island Fun Facts:   

It’s a 1.5-acre island in the western portion of Lake Erie in the United States. The island has an unusual political status, as its jurisdiction is divided between the U.S. states of Michigan and Ohio, even though the island has no residents or current use. Turtle Island is located about five miles (8.0 km) northeast of the mouth of the Maumee River in Maumee Bay. Today, the island houses several abandoned structures and the ruins of Turtle Island Light, a lighthouse dating back to 1866.

The Miami tribe was the first to inhabit the small island prior to 1800. They used the island primarily to gather seagull eggs. The island was named after Miami chief Mishikinakwa (c. 1747–1812), who was an influential Indian leader in the Northwest Territory during the American Revolution.[1] Nicknamed Little Turtle, he later became popular among the American people after dissenting from his native tribe in the pursuit of peace negotiations with the Americans.

The British operated a small fort on the island around 1794 in defense of the mouth of the Maumee River, but the fort was soon abandoned. Official accounts of the history of Turtle Island date back to 1827, when the island itself was sold at a federal government auction in nearby Monroe, Michigan. Turtle Island was believed to not even be a true island on its own but rather a former extension of Little Cedar Point Peninsula. The island was bought but sold back to the United States four years later.

Current day the island remains privately owned, and Turtle Island only has remnants of structures still standing.

The only thing that remains of the 1866 Turtle Island Light is the tower, although the top of the tower was blown off during a windstorm on Palm Sunday in 1965, exposing the iron spikes that once held the lantern in place. Continued efforts at restoring the lighthouse have been unsuccessful.


 Sweet lemon berry mix. Contains ground oatmeal and sea salt as exfoliants. 


Base Ingredients:

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Hemp Oil,Organic Shea Butter ,Water, Lye, Fragrance, Ground Oatmeal, Sea Salt. 

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