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Rattlesnake Island Fun Facts:   

Legally, since colonial times, the Lake Erie Islands were part of the Firelands Section of the Connecticut Land Company’s western reserve.
In 1854, Abigail Dunning of Hartford, Connecticut, sold Rattlesnake Island to Horace Kelley of Cleveland, Ohio. Soon thereafter, post offices were established on South Bass Island (1860), North Bass Island (1864), and Middle Bass Island (1864). Rattlesnake Island was largely uninhabited at the time and on June 22, 1861 Rattlesnake Island became a part of Put-In-Bay Township.


The modern history of Rattlesnake Island began with the purchase of the island about 1929 by Hubert D. Bennett, the owner of the Toledo Scale Company, who developed the island by putting in a lodge, harbor, and east-west landing strip. A second north-south landing strip was added in the 1950s by a Catholic order. In 1959, the island was sold to James P. Frackelton, M.D., a Cleveland surgeon and owner of the Cleveland Stamp and Coin Company, and Robert C. Schull, a stockbroker. Frackelton and Schull further developed the island, but economic and market conditions forced the sale of the island in 1989.


Rattlesnake Island then became a private island that was re-sold in 1992 for $4.6 million. Frackelton and sixty-five other investors re-purchased the island in 1999.


Today, Rattlesnake Island is accessible only to the 65 members of the Rattlesnake Island Club. There are currently only about fifteen private and exclusive lots on the island. Sale of property on the island is controlled by the island club.



Very complex blend. Mostly sweet orange and plumeria with patchouli, amber, vanilla, and about a dozen other fragrances. Contains activated charcoal as an exfoliant.


Base Ingredients:

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Hemp Oil,Organic Shea Butter ,Water, Lye, Fragrance. 

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